Elopements start at $1000.

Here is how we define an elopement: You and your honey do a courthouse wedding, or go to the middle of the woods to exchange vows. Maybe it's just you 2, or maybe you have a couple of your closest friends or family members (up to 10). Maybe you head to dinner after, or you grab ice cream and pizza. You value the memories and being present, and you don't mind hanging with us and letting us capture the most incredible day of your life (well, after the day you met your partner, probs).




Couples Sessions start at $300.

A couples session is for the couple who want to celebrate their love. You're not married yet, or you've been married for years - it doesn't really matter. You want to capture those beautiful in-between moments. Cuddling on the couch, cooking breakfast, going to the park with the pups, hiking...whatever it may be. We'll come hang with you guys for a couple hours and make sure you have those memories captured for you to look back on and cherish forrrrevaaaaa.


Intimate weddings start at $2500. 

To us, an intimate wedding consists of the following: You guys aren't really all about the ginormous ball-room bash. You just want to get married in front of your closest friends and family and then celebrate with them. It could be tons of dancing and cocktails or it could be backyard games and beers - your wedding is laid back but fun as hell. Your guest list is no more than 100 people. You want to enjoy your partner and the love you share, and you want to be sure to savor every moment and have these amazing memories to keep forever (hiiiii, that's where we come in).  



All elopements, intimate weddings, and couples sessions that are outside of a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia are subject to a travel fee. If you'd like us to travel to another city or state for your event, please let us know and we will be happy to put together a travel package for you. 


O h   y e a h ,   a n d . . . 



This isn't just any ol' boudoir photography. Ladies, Cheyenne is an established, expert, body positive boudoir photographer whose passion in life is to help show you how incredible you are. Inside and out. No matter what shape, size, color you are. No matter if you have stretch marks or you jiggle or you have big ol' thighs or skinny little thighs or whatever the hell else it may be. Cheyenne is a master boudoir photographer and you will freaking love your session with her. Click HERE to find out more information on her boudoir sessions. You can always  add one on to your wedding package! And follow her HERE on Instagram if you'd like to get a little bit more of a sense of what she's all about.

Think about how bad ass a morning-of-the-wedding boudoir session could be to later gift to your partner on your 1 year anniversary. Or maybe even a morning-after-the-wedding couples' boudoir sesh to document that ever-growing love of yours.

Celebrate allaaaaaa that bod, girllllll.