A B O U T    U S


We’re Cheyenne + Damien. A husband and wife team (not just in photography, but in all aspects of life).

We grew up together - we've known each other and have been friends since we were 10 years old. Cheyenne was in love with Damien when they were kids, which was a ginormous secret (everyone knew). As we got older, we remained close friends, having each others' backs always. After the death of one of our best friends, we came together to support one another, and through that support we fell head over heels in love (just like our moms said we would one day). Now, one Hawaiian elopement and one intimate December wedding later - we’re officially married.  

We know every single word to Wayne's World, we love our dogs HoneyBee and Penny, and we love eating chicken and rice pretty much every night for dinner. We also love Game Of Thrones and Summer time Rita’s runs at 8:50pm.

Damien is a musician, producer, and by day he works at a really awesome lifestyle club in Philly. He's a laid back, go with the flow type dude. The perfect balance to Cheyenne.

Cheyenne is an established body positive boudoir photographer - photography takes up most of her life/interests. She loves to be in her underwear or a bathing suit, she loves to eat, and she reallyyyy loves to write lists. Also, buffalo chicken cheesesteaks are her favorite thing in the whole world. And fries. 


-- In case you're wondering where the name comes from: Before we lived together, we'd text each other every night before falling asleep. Cheyenne would always say, "love you" and Damien would always reply with "love you more".  Now, every single night before we fall asleep next to one another, we always are sure to tell each other. 

Love you, babe // Love you more. --


We are so excited and honored to be the people who get to capture YOUR love. 

Let's freaking do thisssss.